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Trouble in Paradise
Matthew Konfirst
Posted Jan 17

I’m currently a Peace Corps Volunteer serving with my wife in a small village along the Atlantic coast of Guyana in South America.

Map of HTLV-1 hot spots
Edward McSweegan
Posted Jan 06

Before there was HIV there was HTLV, the Human T-cell Lymphotropic Virus. In 1983, Robert Gallo and Luc Montagneir independently discovered the viral agent responsible for AIDS and called the newly discovered virus HTLV-3 and LAV, respectively.

American flag with stethoscope
Lynn Adams
Posted Dec 30

Women are not only dying at a higher rate in the U.S. than in peer countries, but within the U.S., women are dying at an alarming rate compared to men.

Benjamin Wang
Posted Dec 19

Over the past year, the scientific community has renewed its call to attention regarding the challenges of reproducing experimental results.

Graph of launch success rate over time
Reid Sherman
Posted Dec 01

After a dramatic disaster like the launch failure of the Antares rocket, it is common and reasonable to demand to know what went wrong, and to want drastic steps taken in response. This is often seen regarding events like airplane disasters and especially terrorist attacks.


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