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Lynn Adams
Posted Nov 19

Proponents of the alkaline water for health (AWH) trend (a term that I just coined) claim that drinking this ‘miracle liquid’ can increase your energy, prevent disease, slow aging, and prevent bone loss, among other health benefits.

Everyone loves oil more than kanye loves kanye
Brent Nelson
Posted Nov 02

So in my last post, I claimed that Captain Planet had ruined a generation of environmentalists.  While I hope it was apparent that I was writing somewhat tongue-in-cheek

Map of Colombia
Edward McSweegan
Posted Oct 24

It was a curious photograph: a president, a dictator, and a guerilla leader, all in white shirts, clasping hands. The dictator, Raul Castro, seemed happy enough.

Benjamin Wang
Posted Oct 22

Persistent cybersecurity failures have not led to political mobilization or popular demands that could address identified shortcomings, and STEM experts are partially responsible.

Joshua Wolff
Posted Oct 16

Many individuals who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer/questioning (LGBTQ) initially associate their gender identity or sexual orientation with feelings of shame, confusion, and anxiety.


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