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Policy and People
Janetta Lun
Posted Jul 27

One perk of the AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowship is the opportunity to learn about other fellows’ various scientific backgrounds and expertise.

Malnutrition: under- and over-nutrition
Ahmed Kablan
Posted Jul 22

The effects of hunger and under-nutrition on maternal and child health in low-income and middle-income countries have been well-studied. Some regions, such as Southeastern Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, certainly still struggle with child hunger.

Laurie Stepanek
Posted Jul 17

How does my science impact policy? According to the experts, it doesn’t. But it should.

picture of yellow rock
Kendra Zamzow
Posted Jul 06


Foundation for roads and seawalls. Processed to steel girders and thin wires. Polished into jewelry. Vacationers find river rock, climbing rock, and campfire rings.

Sugar spelled in sugar
Lynn Adams
Posted Jun 27

Previously, I told you about the new FDA proposal to change current nutrition labels on food packaging.


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